Shop No - 17/18  1st-Floor,   Central Market    AWHO , Gurjinder   Vihar, Sector- Chi-1 Greater  Noida

Shop No - 17-18, 1st-Floor, Central Market AWHO , Gurjinder Vihar, Sector-Chi-1 Gr. Noida
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About Us

Welcome to Noida Dental Hospital!

We appreciate your decision in selecting our Dental Hospital to take care of your smile. Noida Dental Hospital is on advanced centre for Modern Cosmetic Dentistry. For over 5 years we have devoted ourselves towards achieving just one Goal- “ to make every smile a healthy and beautiful one’’.

At our Dental Hospital , our specialist have taken years of extra training in advanced, specialized, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry procedures.

As experts in the field of Orthodontics, Endodontic, Prosthodontics, and Implantologist, our dentist will help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Why Choose us

At Noida Dental Hospital we are committed to provide the highest standard of treatment at a very affordable cost.

We use the latest technology and techniques to including lasers, DC X-RAY (minimum radiation exposure), digital radiography, mechanical root canal so that we can meet your requirement, however great or small, and give you a healthy, confident smile.


  1. Friendly and relaxing environment
  2. Sterilized instrument
  3. Trained practitioners
  4. Quality of dental material
  5. Individual patient care
  6. Multiple chair setup
  7. Digital X- Ray
  8. Low Radiation Exposure
  9. Best dental Laser

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Shailendra Singh Tibra
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Shailendra Singh Tibra is a renowned Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon with a rich experience of almost 8 years both India and Abroad.

Dr. Neha Singh
B.D.S (Cerfified Endodontist)

Dr. Neha Singh is an associate Dentist in Noida Dental Hospital. She has an experience of 2 years. She is Certified in Endodontics.

Professional Dentists Expert with Modern Technology

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What Our Patients Say

My favourite Doctor, I'm really very happy.

Kinjal Yadav ( 5 years old )

Well Organised, Caring, Clean and Hygienic Dental care. A Dental treatment normally is considered a terrifying experience... not so at Smyle Kraft with Dr. Peeyush Mehta!!! Keep up the Good work and thank you for being You! All the Best.

Astrid D’Coutho

Treatment at Smyle Kraft was one of my best experience so far. Dr. Peeyush Mehta is really very Confident with his way of treatment. My whole treatment was 2-3 months long as there were many RCTs and Crowns required. I wish Dr. Mehta great Success.

Ajay Sharma

A Confident Doctor and a clinic with Pleasant and Hygienic atmosphere, that's what Smyle Kraft has to offer. I'm fully convinced and satisfied with the treatment given to my daughter. I would recommend Smyle Kraft multi speciality dental care to anyone looking for quality dental services. God Bless you Dr. Peeyush Mehta, you Rock!! Thank you so much!

Mrs. R. Chauhan

Thank you so much for the personalised care and painless treatment

Samisthi Chaturvedi

The whole treatment went with ease and I'm glad i chose Smyle Kraft. Thanks a lot Dr. Peeyush Mehta.

Aakriti Kumar

All i can say is that I'm happy to have healthier teeth since I started to visit your clinic. Your confident and calm attitude has always made me feel relaxed during the treatment. Thank you so much Dr. Peeyush and Dr. Anubhuti.

Prashant Sangal

Excellent Dentist, very calm and gentle. Keep up the Good work and care for your patients. Thanks and Best wishes.

Abhinav Johari.

One of the finest Dentist i have come across. A sober, gentle and modest human being who not only takes care of the patient but also wins over the dear ones. Great going. Keep up your Excellent work

Col. H. K. Puri

One of the best Dentist i have ever been to. God Bless you!

Maj. Meenu Arora